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Oxygen Sensor Failure Judgment

  Oxygen sensor failure judgment

  Oxygen sensor working voltage around 0.5V fluctuations, fluctuations in the range of 0.1 ~ 1V, the voltage beating about 10 times every 10 seconds beating. It can be determined that the oxygen sensor working condition, the voltage fluctuation range is too small or the jitter frequency is not slow.

  Practical application of oxygen sensors are zirconia oxygen sensor and titanium oxide oxygen sensor two. And the common oxygen sensor and a single lead, double lead and three lead points, single lead for the zirconia oxygen sensor; double lead for the titanium oxide oxygen sensor; three lead for the heating type zirconia oxygen sensor , In principle, three kinds of lead way oxygen sensor can not be used instead.

  Once the oxygen sensor failure, will make the electronic fuel injection system of the computer can not get the oxygen concentration of the exhaust pipe information, and therefore can not be on the air-fuel ratio feedback control, will make the engine fuel consumption and exhaust pollution increases, the engine idling instability, Lack of fire, surge and other symptoms. Therefore, the failure or replacement must be eliminated in a timely manner.

  Oxygen sensor maintenance and replacement

  Wash the throttle is that we all know the maintenance project, in fact, cleaning oxygen sensor is more important, after all, oxygen sensor work environment is more bad, more vulnerable, not to mention it controls the fuel injection it. Oxygen sensor cleaning can be used three yuan catalyst cleaning agent bubble for 10 minutes, and then use the hair dryer to dry it.

  If the oxygen sensor has failed, replace it immediately. Here to remind you: buy oxygen sensor do not map cheap, a penny goods, only recommended to buy the original pieces.

  For vehicles with a mileage of 100,000 km, it is advisable to replace the oxygen sensor.