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Oxygen Analyzer Should Be Used To Pay Attention To What

Oxygen analyzer should be used to pay attention to what

Analysis of the analyzer design, installation and commissioning to be aware of the problem Gas analysis system is not a single combination of simple combination of instruments, it includes sampling systems, pretreatment systems, Oxygen analyzer analytical instruments. The sampling system, pretreatment system is good or bad system is the key to the normal operation of the system, so consider a single analyzer at the same time need to consider:

1 Consider a good instrument sampling system

Efficient and reliable instrument sampling system is the key to good instrument. Under normal circumstances the oxygen meter to detect the gas to go through the instrument sampling system filtration, drying, cooling, decompression, steady flow and other aspects of processing meet the conditions before they can enter the instrument for testing. So in use must be based on different circumstances or their own production or purchase a suitable instrument sampling system. It should be noted that: for the desiccant of oxygen should not use the absorption of oxygen on the silica gel, molecular plug, etc., can use concentrated sulfuric acid, calcium chloride, phosphorus pentoxide. When the trace test, the water can not be used to wash the sample gas, so as not to dissolve oxygen interference in the water measurement results.

2 Consider the interference of background gas

It has been known that the thermal gas type oxygen meter and the magnetic mechanical oxygen meter have the background gas interference problem. If the background gas contains a large amount of NO gas and NO2 gas and other high magnetic susceptibility of the gas, not suitable for the use of these two instruments. Application of zirconia oxygen analyzer, if the measured gas containing H2, CO and other reducing gas, the reduction reaction occurs oxygen consumption, affecting the measured value of the instrument than the actual low. Oxygen analyzer These disturbances are sometimes less noticeable in constant oxygen detection, but care must be taken when detecting trace oxygen levels. Such as nitrogen plant high purity nitrogen products in the oxygen content requirements should not exceed 1 × 10 - 5, with zirconia oxygen analyzer, must be considered to remove nitrogen in the H2, CO and other reducing gas. Such as air separation device has a zirconia oxygen meter, oxygen content in the detection of nitrogen, the process of oxygen content is generally about 4 × 10 - 6, the instrument has been tested after the test results are always negative, and later In the sample gas into the table before the installation of a reducing gas filter, the problem can be solved. In addition, the oxygen content of a catalytic reactor at the top of the test, the selected oxygen meter for the thermal magnetic oxygen meter, the initial catalyst regeneration using oxygen-rich regeneration process, oxygen content of 3% to 5%, Oxygen analyzer the instrument is running normally The Later, the catalyst regeneration to the use of oxygen-free regeneration process, oxygen content control in 1% or less, then the background gas contained in the impact of the anti-magnetic gas appears, the oxygen is too small, the instrument measurement results are sometimes negative.

3 consider the power part:

Analytical instruments are mostly valuable equipment, in the air separation system electrical design stage should consider the complete set of analyzer power supply through the UPS or regulator regulator, otherwise the instrument's power supply module is easy to damage, if the choice of imported analytical instruments should pay attention to foreign industry Power supply voltage and frequency and China's differences, some countries in Europe and America industrial power supply AC110V60HZ, and China for the AC220V50HZ. Oxygen analyzer Complete sets of analytical instruments should be a reliable grounding system, the ground line and the neutral line can not be collinear, grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms.