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Oxygen Sensor Data Flow Analysis

What is the role of oxygen sensor

Oxygen sensor to detect the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust, and sent a feedback signal to the ECU, and then by the ECU control fuel injector increase or decrease, so that the air-fuel ratio of mixed gas control in the vicinity of the theoretical value.

Oxygen sensor is the use of ceramic sensors to measure the oxygen in the exhaust pipe, the chemical balance principle to calculate the corresponding oxygen concentration, to monitor and control the combustion air-fuel ratio to ensure product quality and exhaust emissions of the measurement components.

What is the oxygen sensor operating state parameter?

The oxygen sensor operating status parameter represents the dilute condition of the exhaust gas measured by the oxygen sensor on the engine exhaust pipe. Some dual-exhausted cars show this parameter as two parameters for the left-oxygen sensor operating and the right-oxygen sensor. The oxygen content in the exhaust gas depends on the air-fuel ratio of the mixture in the intake air.

Oxygen sensor is the main sensor for measuring the dilution state of the engine mixture. The oxygen sensor must be heated to above 300 ° C to provide the correct signal to the computer. And the engine computer must be in a closed-loop control state to respond to the oxygen sensor signal.

Oxygen sensor operating status parameters of the type of different models, some models in the form of state parameters displayed, the change is thick or thin; some models will be in the form of numerical parameters shown in the digital unit for the mV. Concentration or dilution indicates the overall state of the exhaust, and mV represents the output voltage of the oxygen sensor. This parameter in the engine after the hot car to the speed (1500 ~ 2000 r / min) operation, showing a rare alternately change or output voltage between 100 ~ 900 mV change back and forth, the number of changes within 10s should be greater than 8 times (0.8 Hz). If the parameter changes slowly or does not change or numerical abnormalities, then the oxygen sensor or microcomputer feedback control system is faulty.

Oxygen sensor operating voltage is too low What does it mean

Oxygen sensor operating voltage is too low, has been shown below 0.3V, the main reasons are as follows:

(1) injector leak;

(2) fuel pressure is too high;

(3) activated carbon tank solenoid valve normally open;

(4) the air quality meter is faulty;

(5) sensor heating failure or oxygen sensor dirty.

Oxygen sensor operating voltage is too high What does it mean

Oxygen sensor operating voltage is too high, that has been displayed at 0.6V or more, the main reason

(1) injector blockage;

(2) air quality sensor failure;

(3) fuel pressure is too low;

(4) air between the air quality and the throttle between the unmeasured air;

(5) unmeasured air at the exhaust manifold gasket;

(6) Oxygen sensor heating failure or oxygen sensor dirty.

Oxygen sensor operating voltage is not normal may cause the main failure is as follows:

(1) engine acceleration is not good;

(2) engine hair red;

(3) engine black smoke;

(4) the engine sometimes flameout.