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Oxygen Bottles, Liquid Oxygen And Oxygen Machine Difference


1. Oxygen Cylinder : the need to continue regular purchase, transportation, management complex, cylinder need to be regularly detected and replacement parts.

2. Liquid Oxygen: Liquid Oxygen Supply of at least 1-2 cans per month, canister filling operation requirements are very strict. Operators need a certificate of induction, the need for each test output pressure, and the need for regular maintenance of the equipment, the use of cumbersome procedures.

3. Molecular sieve oxygen machine: The device can run automatically, without frequent adjustment, safe and convenient operation, no other auxiliary equipment, qualified medical oxygen can be directly entered the pipeline system, the hospital management more scientific and modern.



1. Oxygen Cylinder: the need for oxygen during the bottle change operation, frequent intermittent oxygen supply, oxygen pressure instability, bottled oxygen filling pressure is high, encountered strong vibration and collision, there is a potential explosion hazard, the cylinder Oxygen quality and purity are non-controlled to the user.

2. Liquid Oxygen: Transport and storage exist more unchanged. Personnel intensive hospital placed liquid oxygen tank more dangerous, liquid oxygen transport, easy to leak when dispensing, even in the face of a small amount of grease may also be a fire, there are security risks.

3.Molecular sieve oxygen machine: oxygen output pressure adjustable, stable quality and concentration, have reached the medical oxygen technical indicators, high reliability, safe and stable oxygen protection.


Economic benefit analysis
1. Bottled oxygen: buy in different parts of oxygen, oxygen to the cylinder in the handling, operation management, the human cost is high, belong to the human nature way of oxygen supply, most developed countries have been eliminated.
2. Liquid oxygen, liquid oxygen tank filling, need someone who's in charge of daily management, filling the page when measuring error is big, easy to cause economic losses, liquid oxygen supply equipment covers an area of big at the same time.More crucially liquid oxygen tank to evaporate at least 5% per day, in the long term enormous waste.
3. Medical oxygen generator: only requires the power of the equipment operation, thus the cost is low.