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Family Standing Home Oxygen Benefit

You may have ignored a home oxygen concentrator at some time advantages and characteristics of home oxygen concentrator portable home. In fact, there are many times when the sudden onset of the disease that can be made using a home oxygen concentrator oxygen conditions eased, buy a first-aid time. Here are one of the things I personally encountered!

This is something I feel the need to say to friends, let everybody know if family has home oxygen concentrator is a wise choice. I had a neighbour of the original body is very healthy, and usually also do regular exercise and so on, has been very good, the pain rarely.

But there was a day, he felt a tightness in the chest, difficulty in breathing, let his family was to die on the spot, hit 120, but it would take some time for an ambulance to come, it can do? Fortunately, he lives next door to me, at that time his family when he came to me for help, I take out my home oxygen to give him oxygen.

Although it is not know what illness, but with symptoms like heart and brain vascular diseases, so using a home oxygen concentrator oxygen can effectively alleviate the condition. Found when he went to hospital for an examination of the myocardial infarction, but oxygen therapy in a timely manner, without causing very serious consequences.

So the family to keep a home oxygen concentrator, usually used for oxygen care, when necessary, also useful.